How to teach your kids about music before paying for lessons (a non-official guide for age 0+)

**advice from a musician and mum (not a scientist haha) Play music at home.Plain and simple, but often forgotten. I’ve met heaps of kids who don’t have music playing at home, and those that do, gel with and understand music so much more. Instead of turning on the TV in the morning, pop on aContinue reading “How to teach your kids about music before paying for lessons (a non-official guide for age 0+)”

Choosing songs for your wedding

If you’re reading this you’re most likely engaged and in the middle of planning what feels like a mountain of things for your big day! As a musician and singer I perform at weddings across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley and Sydney, so let me offer some help when it comes to all things musicContinue reading “Choosing songs for your wedding”

An Interview with Thaylia (SYD)

You’ve just released a new single, Waiting, which is setting the scene for your new EP coming soon. What is Waiting about and how did this track come together? Waiting is about Love and what I imagined God might sing to us if God could write us a love song. I’m not a religious personContinue reading “An Interview with Thaylia (SYD)”

You Know You’re A Singer When

You’re about 70% confident in your performance, and 30% absolutely, completely, never-endingly, totally FREAKED about your performance. Your best performances are when you stop thinking and just SING. There is always some kind of divide between you and instrumentalists – it genuinely feels like you speak different languages. You know all the words to theContinue reading “You Know You’re A Singer When”

You Know You’re A Musician When

Your choice of ringtone matters – a lot. This choice has the power to ruin a song, forever. You tune out of conversations when you hear a song you love playing not far away. You are personally offended and jump to defend when someone says they hate one of your favourite artists, albums, genres orContinue reading “You Know You’re A Musician When”